For 2,000,000 XGOLD COINS   

XGOLDCOIN is Decentralized And Infinite Digital Gold backed by Waves Blockchain. XGOLDCOIN can be used as a Gold based Asset or Token to Send, Receive, Exchange, Trade or Shop. Maximum XGOLDCOIN is available to Supply in Bullion market. It can be traded with all major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Waves.

Just Pay 1.0 Waves and get 1000 XGOLD COINS !!!

P2P based Crowd Selling. No Fiat currency or any bank support

This Opportunity is only for Waves Wallet Users.

We do not accept any exchanges of waves wallet addresses.

You need to have a Waves Wallet Address from Waves Platform. You should have a minimum balance of 1.005* WAVES in your wallet [* = as per waves platform conditions] 


  1. Create Waves Wallet address from Waves platform or XBB Wallet
  2. Buy Waves with Bitcoin/Ethereum
  3. Send 1.0 WAVES to 3PC8NYnPXxj6mqGJhG7hvyGubYfSJncnWCa or Scan QR Code Below
  4. Send your transaction details using the application form below.
  5. After confirmation of your payment against your transaction ID, we will transfer you back 1000 XGOLDCOINS to your Wallet Address
  6. Check your XGOLD COIN balance in your WAVES Wallet.
  7. You can always cross verify your XGOLD transfer in Waves Explorer
  8. That’s it!

Scan Address QR Code below to send your Waves Amount

from your Mobile Waves Wallet

Apply for XGOLD COIN CrowdSelling