XGOLDCOIN is Decentralized And Infinite Digital Gold backed by Waves Blockchain. XGOLDCOIN can be used as a Gold based Asset or Token to Send, Receive, Exchange, Trade or Shop. Maximum 21,000,000 XGOLDCOINS is available to Supply in Bullion market.

Infinite Digital Gold means there will not be a specific
fixed value in weight. Its value goes up and down
depending on market trade updates. This is because
Infinite Gold weight value is based on secure
decentralized blockchain system. If you have
1 XGOLDCOIN its value as per market trade conditions in
weight will start from 0.000001g and may go up and above
of 1 Ounce per XGOLD.

Sponsorship fee : 0.05 XGOLDCOIN

XGOLDCOIN is exchangeable coin in BTC, WAVES,
ETHEREUM, USD, EURO on WAVES or Cryptocurrency
exchange platforms where anybody can exchange BTC to
buy Digital / Virtual Gold / Physical Gold at Vaultoro.com.

Asset ID : 9sDLTwLPDLMcaqLjgLYUfRcAGttiiZmPVgmK8RFLPU7i